Traveling Exhibits

Bring a top-notch exhibition to your museum today! 

All the work of the Children’s Museum is designed to be replicated. Our EatSleepPlay™ and PlayWorks™ content and exhibitry brighten homeless shelters and Head Start Centers across New York City. We also travel our exhibitions to museums and cultural institutions across the U.S. All exhibits include immersive and interactive exhibition components, engaging signage, education material and the support of CMOM’s experienced staff.

Traveling Exhibitions for Rent
We have a tradition of traveling our ground-breaking exhibits to museums and cultural institution across the U.S.

Replication Packages for Purchase

Our EatSleepPlay and PlayWorks™ signage, trainings, curricula, and interactive components brighten homeless shelters and Head Start Centers across New York City. Our BodyOdyssey exhibition was replicated in New Zealand.  To bring our content to your institution, or to rent or purchase our designs or exhibitions, please contact Director of Operations Thomas Quaranta,  tquaranta@famulsl.com秒速快3 or 212-721-1223 x247.