In-School Residencies

World Cultures

Our World Cultures residencies integrate storytelling, object observations, and art‐making as students travel through place and time。 Programs support NYC Social Studies thematic strands in culture, time, continuity and change, people, places and environments and global connections。


From Anansi to Zeus

K‐5th Grade

Students meet internationally renowned literary figures from folktales, myths, and legends, and create original works of art based on each story。


Ancient Greek Myths

K‐5th Grade

Students travel to Ancient Greece to uncover the conflict that led to the siege of Troy, discover mythical creatures, and learn about the powerful gods of Mount Olympus。


China Through the Eyes of Monkey King

K‐5th Grade

Students create animated drawings, paint in traditional Chinese style, and design their own shadow puppets, as they investigate modern and ancient Chinese culture through the epic tale Journey to the West.


These residencies integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through interactive and collaborative process‐based workshops.


Beakers & Brushes

1st–5th Grade

Students investigate the works of artists who integrate science in their practice and discover the ways in which artists infuse physics, math, and technology into their work.


Diggin' Dinos

1st–5th Grade

Students travel back in time to imagine what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Becoming apprentice paleontologists, they inspect fossils and other clues to draw conclusions about our favorite dinos.

YH8S4163Japan Ex_FINAL

Transportation Station

PreK–3rd Grade

Take a ride and learn about the different forms of transportation we use to keep our busy society moving.


Bug Out!

K–5th Grade

Students become entomologists as they study a variety of insects and discover why they are crucial members of our ecosystem.


Crazy Chemistry

2nd–5th Grade

秒速快3Make predictions, conduct experiments, and draw conclusions as your students explore a variety of solids, liquids, and gases.


Space Oddities

K–5th Grade

Students learn about outer space as they journey from the Earth, to the Sun, through our solar system and beyond our galaxy。


Simple Machines

1st–5th Grade

Beginning with the wheel and axle and ending with a Rube Goldberg mechanism, students explore a new simple machine in each workshop and consider how it can help simplify everyday tasks.


Gross Biology

2nd–6th Grade

秒速快3Students investigate our hard‐working muscles, organs, nervous and digestive systems and learn about the ways in which each keeps us healthy and strong。

Visual Arts

Support your students’ creativity and nurture their love of the arts through one of our visual arts residencies. Inspired by master works of diverse artists, students create their own original works using mixed media.


Modern Masters

2nd–5th Grade

From Jacob Lawrence to Faith Ringgold, students learn about a modern artist, including her or his inspiration, motivations, and social practice.

Art around the World

1st–5th Grade

Students travel from Indonesia to West Africa to the Midwestern United States to explore traditional artistry and art‐making techniques.

Early Childhood

The Museum's Early Childhood Residencies help pre-school aged children learn early classroom skills through art, storytelling and circle time. All workshops support the New York State Pre-Kindergarten Foundation for the Common Core.


Art Adventures


This early childhood program explores art themes through story time, body movement, and art projects designed to introduce young children to formal art concepts。

avacado kid



This residency combines science and research from the National Institutes of Health with the Museum’s arts and literacy based pedagogy to teach the value of making positive choices in areas that most affect overall health such as nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

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Sense-ational Science


Children explore the world around them through their five senses。


Budding Bookmakers


Children discover the amazing world of books as they explore a wide variety of children’s literature and the techniques used by diverse illustrators.

Family Engagement Workshops

Parents/caregivers are engaged as active partners in their child(ren)’s learning through this series of hands‐on workshops。 As families create together, they bond and form connections that enrich their lives both in and outside of the classroom。


Creating Connections

Children and their parents/caregivers explore a children’s book and its themes through hands‐on art making, cooking, games, and more, while parents/caregivers learn about and discuss relevant topics in child development. Families consider tangible strategies for connecting their shared experiences at home with our workshop‐based projects and conversations.