Professional Development


Making Connections: Arts, Culture, and the Classroom

Through exhibit exploration, personal stories, and art-making, participants better understand how social studies and the arts intersect and connect to engage students in collaborative, process-based learning. Participants gain the skills to teach with primary source objects in the museum or in their classrooms, and connect content areas through personal narratives and art-making.


Learning through Art

Discover the many ways in which art can develop key analytical thinking skills among children while encouraging creativity and self-expression. Through art observations and using visual thinking strategies, participants gain self-confidence in their knowledge of Modern and Contemporary Art and learn how to incorporate discussions on materials and the artist’s intention while using mixed media and found objects.


Learning through Play

Learn multiple ways in which play nurtures and helps lay the foundation for learning in a tour through CMOM’s early childhood exhibit PlayWorks™. Discuss the developmental stages of children 2-4 years old while exploring a variety of interactive materials and art projects. Session will explore how to incorporate strategies which help children learn early literacy, science and math concepts.


All the Way to K and Beyond!

Participants will gain first-hand experience making art, singing songs, and telling stories in ways that are specifically designed to help young learners develop language and literacy skills. Early childhood educators will consider how they can apply these simple strategies with their students, and will explore techniques for engaging parents and caregivers as partners in the learning process. 


Building Health Every Day!

EatPlayGrow™: Learn strategies for integrating health concepts into art, literacy, math, science, cooking, and movement activities through an interactive, training session based on CMOM’s EatPlayGrow™ curriculum, developed in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).